Since its creation, Yelloh! Village has made communication a strategic commitment and is currently positioned as the first investor in the camping sector in television media in Europe.  Since its first advertising communication in France in cinemas in 2010, Yelloh! Village has not interrupted its presence on television. 

In 2019, the brand launched its first campaign in the Netherlands through sponsorship on a national television channel, continuing in 2020 with a classic advert on RTL. Since 2021, Yelloh! Village has had a European media plan covering television in France, Spain and the Netherlands as well as advertising on Video On Demand platforms in Germany, the UK, Belgium and Switzerland.

Although independent, all of them different and with different cultures, experiences and passions, the Yelloh! Village share the same demand: to offer the best and only the best through the daily commitment and unwavering commitment of the owners and staff of Yelloh campsites to satisfy their holidaymakers. 

The signature of the brand, "The best luxury campsites", is now complemented by a new slogan: Artisans of happiness, thus underlining the new communication axis.  

The 2023 bell is the third campaign under this slogan, each time with an emphasis on the true artisans of happiness, the collaborators of the Yelloh! Village. 

"Holidays of Kings" TV advertising campaigns

Since 2012, the "holidays of kings" story portrayed by Stéphane Bern has successfully embodied the Yelloh! Village reputation (most well-known in France's HPA sector) as well as its premium positioning.
Awarded France's Trophée de la Communication marketing prize for the best advertising campaign by a private organisation, Camping that's fit for a king was a real success.

In these advertising films, Stéphane Bern appeared as the brand's ambassador and all the actors in regal dress, with fine lacework, crinoline dresses, wigs and silk clothing. "Holidays of kings" are what happen with Yelloh! Village, and are enjoyed to the lively sounds of Mel Brooks' timeless and hilarious blockbuster "Oh yes it’s good to be the King".

TV campaign for 2013 to 2016

The first campaign on French TV by the Yelloh! Village group was broadcast over a 3 year period, with three ads produced by advertising agency Publicis Marseille.

Top billing went to our delightful ambassador, enjoying his Yelloh! Village camping holiday. A game of volleyball, a little barbecue with friends or a bit of time spent in the Jacuzzi: these are what Stéphane Bern calls "holidays that are fit for a king".

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