Yelloh! Village, a benchmark brand in the outdoor hospitality sector, includes a total of 94 campsite-resorts located in the most beautiful corners of France, Spain and Portugal. Yelloh! Village operates as a chain of franchisees that brings together the best professionals in the sector and is emerging as the first network of high-end camping-resorts. 

Sea, ocean, countryside, mountain... The campsites of the group adapt to the wishes and preferences of all profiles of holidaymakers. Already established as one of the leading players in the outdoor hospitality sector, Yelloh! Village has been able to place comfort, quality, services and entertainment at the heart of its values. 

Our campsites

The Yelloh! Village group is a network of dynamic campsites which caters to all your holiday yearnings. So as to meet all requirements, Yelloh! Village is looking eventually to incorporate a hundred or so upmarket campsites. It currently comprises 94 camping-villages, with 85 campsites in France, 6 in Spain and 2 in Portugal.

Above all, Yelloh! Village campsites mean unrivalled natural settings in the heart of some wonderful regions, with accommodation featuring all the mod cons, dreamy aquatic parks, a very wide range of entertainment options, and facilities that meet all needs and desires.

Key figures

*Figures 2022

Our activity

Yelloh! Village aims to establish and develop a European network of campsites and resorts that proposes a grouped offer of high capacity and homogeneous in terms of quality of implementation, reception, and services.

The success of Yelloh! Village lies above all in its commitment to its main task, which is none other than to satisfy the consumer, respond to their demands and propose high-value features and animations. 

Quality and respect for the customer are the two main pillars on which the group has been based since its creation. Today, more than ever, the founders of Yelloh! Village aspire to position itself in the high-end, offering its customers a high standing holiday in unique places. 

Quality at the heart of our values:

  • Selective recruitment policy
  • A quality charter which all franchisees undertake to respect, and which is audited annually
  • Annual quality audits conducted by an independent entity
  • Statistical analyses of customer satisfaction surveys

All Yelloh! Village campsites are committed to the same principles:

  • Personalised welcome
  • protected environment
  • Genuine attentiveness
  • High-quality accommodation
  • Everyday facilities
  • Clear and precise information about life at the campsite
  • High-quality hosting facilities which blend into their natural environment

In addition, all campsites must retain their identity, enhancing the value of their own design features as well as the specificity of the region.

Our strategy

Yelloh! Village is implementing actions in various areas towards promoting franchisees and constantly ensuring an increase in the number of villages belonging to the chain.

Planned and targeted PR campaigns in Europe

  • Annual operations with mass media (television commercials in France, Belgium,  United Kingdom, Germany, Catalonia and the Netherlands
  • Search engine optimisation operations (SEA and SEO)
  • Webspace purchased, membership campaigns and retargeting
  • Features in Europe's top specialist guides (ADAC, ANWB, Alan Rogers etc.) as well as on specialist websites with large readerships
  • Proactive and loyalty emails, business emails
  • Relations with professional press
  • Strong presence on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

Information systems

  • A multilingual booking centre (French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian)
  • A booking centre connected to all PMS
  • A CRM customer database of 4.6 million certified contacts
  • A website for online sales, contact and customer information in which all franchisees feature in 7 languages and with more than 13.1 million visits per year
  • Real-time multi-support booking engine on the Internet 
  • Dual mobile application that serves as a booking platform as an information tool when the client is hosted. 

A collaborative pricing policy

Yelloh! Village proposes modulated rates depending on the period (low, medium, high season), occupancy rates and market trends by following a dynamic pricing strategy. The rates are studied camping by campsite and region by  region based on statistical and economic hypotheses with the support of different pricing  tools

Centralisation of Purchases

The size of the chain allows us to negotiate preferential rates with our suppliers of camping equipment, such as mobile home suppliers O'Hara, IRM, Baticoncept, Louisiane or Chalet Fabre, Antargaz, Nestlé and Le Cédre. 

Communicating with franchisees

  • Communication between the headquarters and the franchisees is constant throughout the year through the group’s network and social network, by phone or email. 
  • Twice a year, meetings are organized in the form of seminars between the headquarters of Yelloh! Village and franchisees so that the latter can share their concerns, discuss issues and stay informed of the actions taken by the chain.