The Yelloh! Village chain was set up by professionals and for professionals, without go-betweens.

Franchisees enjoy a cutting-edge, Europe-wide communication strategy. They are represented in search engines, through high-performance web campaigns, in European guides such as ADAC, ANWB and Alan Rogers, as well as in other media including brochures, newsletters and social networks. Franchisees also have modern tools at their disposal, including a call centre, a retail website and its satellite sites, an app and operation management tools (customer satisfaction follow-up, operating ratios).

In terms of consultancy, franchisees have access to the best providers: Blue Egg (advertising agency), Thélis (booking system), iProspect (SEO), MKG Group (quality control). They also have access to a highly effective competition survey enabling them to optimise their position on the market.

In practical terms, joining Yelloh! Village means:

  • Providing your campsite with renewed impetus and spreading the word
  • Being part of an innovative dynamic, as well as constantly seeking further, higher quality facilities for customers
  • Belonging to a group so as to be better positioned to face competition and integrated groups
  • Significantly increasing your turnover
  • Enjoying a highly advanced marketing and communication strategy
  • Cutting communication and advertising costs so as to devote yourself fully to developing your village
  • Achieving economies of scale through purchases of high volumes of equipment
  • Increasing occupancy rates, including low season
  • Enjoying distribution channels that cannot be accessed on your own
  • Sharing experiences and convivial occasions with professionals facing the same problems

Questions and answers

How does Yelloh! Village work?

The founder campsites are 100% shareholders in Europe Plein Air SA, which owns the Yelloh! Village brand. New campsites joining the chain are franchisees of the Yelloh! Village brand, and are subject to the same contractual conditions as all the network's campsites. In this respect Yelloh! Village undertakes to assist new campsites to achieve the quality norms specified by the Yelloh! Village group and, if necessary, to provide staff training.

How much does Yelloh! Village cost?

The cost of the franchise is 5% of the accommodation turnover. The cost of this franchise, the management of which is fully transparent, is all invested in actions associated with developing the brand.

Is my campsite eligible to become a Yelloh! Village?

Campsite owners who are looking to join the chain must have campsites which meet very specific criteria with regard to quality and quantity.
These aspects can be found in the Yelloh! Village quality charter.

Here are a few of them:

  • Be listed as 3*, 4* or 5* (or equivalent according to country)
  • Have a substantial natural or artificial aquatic area which is free of charge (for Club type)
  • Open all facilities from opening date until closing date of the campsite (for Club type)
  • Place its customer files on a shared database and adhere to the Yelloh! Village customer loyalty policy
  • Provide high-quality accommodation
  • Provide a concierge service (for Authentic type)
  • Have buildings with designs that are suitable for the local heritage

Please contact us for further information.

Who can we contact at Yelloh! Village?

For all submissions and applications, you can contact us by email or by telephone. Please go to the contact page.